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Bridge Loans

Here at Gateway we know that sometimes events can spiral out of control and result in a situation that is hazardous to one’s credit.  We also believe that everyone deserves a second chance.  We are now able to provide customers that may have poor credit or that need a short term bridge loan, with hard money if they have equity in their projects or holdings.  This type of financing can be necessary for clients that have time constraints with balloon payments due, lack of income documentation, or high level of equity with a need for short term capital.  We charge NO UPFRONT FEES!  We earn our fee when we attain a solution that fits your situation.

  • Loans can be closed as soon as two weeks
  • We will get you the best rate for which you qualify
  • Terms typically 6-24 Months
  • We can get loans closed in all 50 states

If you would like a free consultation, feel free to give us a call at 910-399-6758.



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